I do have the materials and time to make tools during this scary and eye opening time.  So if you want to work on your bike, it's a good time!   Jeff

NEWS, Scaling back a bit, not on tools, but some parts.   Many just don't sell.   So at the moment  timing parts, fork boots and exhaust nuts are on sale, if you have a timing chain replacement coming up I'd pick up a chain, now!  I will be going through inventory to see what else needs to go,

Welcome to Northwoods Airheads!  This is a one man operation, specializing in tools, parts and opinions concerning BMW airheads made from 1969 to 1995.  If you have questions or ideas please don't hesitate to ask.

Northwoods Airheads         

2540 Upham St

Madison WI 53704

email?  keep reading it's in there!!


This is a part time business I run out of my home,  I try to do business via email, please try that first.  If we need to talk we can arrange a time and exchange numbers.  My email is jefftrapp247atgmail.com  I assume you know what to do with that Ordering is simple.  Just send me an email with the items you want and any questions.  I'll get back to you and let you know total with shipping.  Payment is via personal check and paypal for international orders, those are all the options!  All paypal payments require you to add the 4% to cover fees.  Please no USPS money orders, they are so easily counterfeited my bank holds them for a month!  As a courtesy let me know if you are sending payment,  and include a note or copy of out email.  I usually ditch emails I haven't heard back from in a week.  I am retired and do travel a bit, orders usually get out in  1-3 days but occasionally I'll be out of town for a week to 10 days and that's normal. If it's longer I'll post it at the top of this page.

Probably the biggest problem I have with shipping is addresses!  I typically ship to Paypal addresses, it's where I am when I invoice and you lose paypal protections otherwise.  If you use paypal and it has a incorrect address you can't blame me when you don't get it in a timely manner. Double check, please!  If you pay by check and it has the wrong address, cross it out, please!

Priority mail has taken a big jump as of Jan. 17, 2016.  USPS will tell you it's a 9-10% increase but for me it's more as they used to give a discount for using their online clic and ship service, and they've eliminated that.  It's still a fairly reasonable and easy to use option just more money and for international shipping still by far the best and easiest route.  Minimum priority shipping will be $8-9, Medium flat rate boxes about $16.  Small items such as just a points tool or carb sync adapters will no longer be able to go first class,  The post office has made it very hard to ship a bubble wrap envelope with stamps on it without going to the post office.  These items now will go  priority mail.  

 Though I still recommend priority for the tracking and insurance.  If you want full value insurance for an order you need to tell me, otherwise priority mail includes insurance up to $50.

International shipping is expensive these days, priority mail starts at around $28 to Canada and goes up from there. 

Philosophy is sort of what this business is about.  The BMW airhead made from 1969 to 1995 is a pretty unique machine.   It was well engineered, had a very high quality of build, BMW still supports us with many parts and there is no other motorcycle that I'm aware of that has the kind of support available it does.  Be it, forums, websites, books, clubs, friends, parts, service folks and others.  This site is part of that circle.  Because of this, these old machines lend themselves to DIY servicing, and for many of us that's half the  fun and satisfaction.  My notion behind my tools is you can generally buy the tool and parts for a job and do it yourself for considerably less than having the dealer do it and derive the satisfaction of the accomplishment and knowing your machine better.   My tools in most cases will do what more expensive factory tools will do for far, far less money but there are limits as with anything.  The most important part of any tool, or project is you and your common sense.  I've seen factory steering bearing pullers in ruins because someone didn't know when to stop.  Use your head first, read directions and familiarize yourself with the project first. Most of these jobs don't take massive strength and when it seems to, stop, reorganize, get help and advice, maybe find another route!

As a heads up, at present I'm building a small off the grid cabin in No. Wisconsin.  So every few weeks I'm up there for 3-4 days.  You are dealing with a semi retired, independent goof off after all.  

One of my major pusruits the last few years has been photography. I enjoy the learning, the places it takes you and the people you meet. You can some of it here.     Jeff Trapp Photography

There also is some here and it has a few photos of the 98% finished cabin  Jeff Trapp Flickr site

As a heads up, I am building a small of the grid cabin in No Wis. so every couple of weeks I am up there working on.  I am sort of independent, semi retired goof off after all!