I've got a few items that just don't sell very well and aren't worth keeping an inventory.  They are marked with redand are limited to whatever is in stock.  At present timing chains and parts, fork boots, flat air filters and exhaust nuts are on sale below!

I've got common maintenance parts at the top and other upgrade things and handlebars, grips, etc. towards bottom, electrical stuff in the middle. Sort of of long and goofy but worth it!

There is complete information on ordering etc, on the home page.  In short though you need to email me a list of what you want and where you are and I'll bet back to you with a total w/shipping.  My email is jefftrapp247@gmail.com 

Steering bearings,  These will actually 
fit all 2valve boxers and K-bikes.
German FAG bearings
part # 1090         $32.00
need 2 

Swingarm bearings
Fits all 2valve boxers before 1985.
part # 1100          $29.00 
need 2   

This little shield is at the base of the steering 
bearings and usally gets mangled when 
removing the bearing. 
Part #1080     $4.20  

need 1 temp out!

This is the seal for the  swingarm bearing to the left  Pulling them be a 
pain and swingarm bearing puller will do that, after you cut out the rubber.
part  #1120   $8.00

need two  

Swingarm plastic caps
Part #  1105   $6.00  @

Rear main Seal  This is the latest generation 
rear main seal.  Don't need the soaking in oil like in the past. part#1201 $27.00 Out of stock, not sure if I'll restock or not?

Points set for /5-/6,/7.

Once again stocking noris points!
Part #  1800    $19.50 @

NEW!!  Now stocking noris points set for points in a can bikes.  #1802

$19.50 @

My experience is these seldom go bad.  I do
keep one around just in case but don't replace them every time I replace points like some do. 

Part #1810           $18.00 

Points cam lubricant. Seems to be getting hard to find these days. 5oz tube likely a lifetimes worth!  $9.95

Cylinder head gaskets.  

Part #901 up to 900cc

Part #902 1000cc

$17.00 need 2

Cylinder Base Gaskets for Airheads up to 
Part #  910   $5.00   
need 2 

Cylinder base o ring
from 9/75
part #  0915          $4.75  
need 2

Cylinder Stud O ring, small 2 valve 
boxer from 9/75
part # 0920            $1.20 
need 4

NOTE, When installing pushrod seals I put a 
smear of motor oil on the outside  and silicone 
grease on the inside.  

Pushrod seals
To  9/75     part #    0950  

2 left
From 9/75  part #   0955

2 left 
r45 and r65  part #   0960 
$3.00 @  need 4

Valve cover gasket, All airheads

Part #  1300           $5.85
need 2

NOTE , Use a light coating of oil on the engine side of the gasket and nothing on the cover side.  The gasket will stick to the engine and can be used many times

Oil pan gasket
part #  1310       $9.20 
need only 1

NOTE,  Be very careful torquing the oil pan bolts!  They are probably the most easily stripped bolts on your airhead.  Use a quality known correct torque wrench that goes down to the 80 in. lbs reccommended.

If your valve cover nut is a little ratty, replace it with this Stainless Steel 
part # 1305   $10.90

temp. out!!

Magnetic oil drain plug. Catch some of those 
tiny metal flakes in you sump.
Part #1447        $13.50   

O ring for the oil pump cover. If you are replacing a rear main seal, replace this!  It could be what was leaking as well!.  
Part # 925        $3.80 need one  OUT OF STOCK

BMW no longer has the screws for the old oil pump cover.  These are grade 10.9 socket headed screws that work great as a replacement.
Part # 926          .75 @ need 4

Guide ring o ring  Sometime around 1981 the crankshaft flywheel connection was changed and included a guide ring assembly. Inside this guideringis a oring, it usually needs to be replaced and plenty of folks don't know about it until they are in there.
Part # 928  $3.75   need one

Driveshaft bolts.  These are the newer 
ones, no lock washer and use  blue loctite.   To 26 foot pounds of torque.   

I often reuse driveshaft bolts after inspecting them to make sure they 
aren't stretched etc.  Seldom are!
Part # 1320 $1.80   need 4

Non oil cooler oil filter from one of our 
favorite Airheads support suppliers.  This is their house filter and a great 
Part # 1402  $15.00

Oil cooler filter from one of our favorite Airhead 
support suppliers. This is their house filter.  
Great filter and a great bargain.  
Part #1401  $15.00


Steel filter shim   Part # 1440   $1.00@
White oil filter o ring Part # 1442    $2.45@
Paper gasket for early bikes  Part # 1444  $1.45@

Oil pan drain crush washers.
also fits transmission fill plug
Part # 1445   1.10 @


BMW cloth covered fuel line.  
Enough to do one bike
Three (3) feet      $13.50
Part # 1860


Tank to Karcoma petcock gasket  .60 @


Airfilter for /5-/6-/7 airheads and any 
others that use round filter.  Made by 
OEM manufactor Mahle.
Part # 1420      $18.50

sold out,not sure I will replace!

Airfilter for Airheads using flat filter.  
Made by OEM manufactor Mahle.
Part # 1430        $37.00 on sale  $27.00 4 left

Single row timing chain for airheads from 1981 onwards and for the r45 and r65.Includes master link.  Iwis brand chain. 
Part #1550       $43.00 

SALE  $30.00 till gone

Double row timing chair for /5-/6-/7  airheads to Sept 1978.  Includes master link.  This is the same Iwis chain that you'dbuy from a dealer.  
Part # 1555       $49.50


also have some of the much more easy to use fishtail masterlinks,  $5.00 till gone

Timing chain parts
Single row guide rail   #1553  $25.00  out!
Single row spring        #1552  $   5.90
Single row piston        #1551  $ 7.40
Double row tensioner #1557  $59.95 out!
Double row spring      #1556  $ 4.50 out!

ALL PARTS 30% off until gone.



Duplex Crankshaft Timing Chain Sprocket
Part #1560   $148.00  out!
Crankshaft Front Bearing, works with both 
Single and Duplex chains
Part # 1564    $20.00  out
Single Crankshaft Timing Chain Sprocket
Part # 1562     $50.00 

One left $35.00


Final drive to swingarm gasket

Part #  1940  $1.85

out of stock at moment


Shifter shaft seal.  Often leaks but one of the easiest to replace.  Just lay your fluid doesn't leak out,  take out the the 
old seal and tap in the new one.  If it takes more than 5 minute your 
Part # 1910   $9.00   need one  temp out!!

Front crankshaft seal                                $8.50

Font camshaft seal                                             $15.00 @

Ignition sensor o ring.  This is the front 
camshaft seal on later bikes.
Part # 1540   $3.00

Front timing chain cover gasket.

Part # 1500   $4.50 @

Front chain cover small gasket.

Part # 1530   $1.10  @  need two

Large finned Exhaust nuts for your /5.

Part #1600     $34.00

30% off until gone!

Smaller finned Exhaust nuts for /6, /7 and other 800, 900, 1000cc bikes.  Not for r65.
Part #1610      $ 32.00

30% off until gone!


Fork Seals, Clockwise from top
/5./6./7 and r80-r100 up to 1985 + g/s  
Part # 1050  $7.75 

R65, r80, r100 1985  up
Part # 1060   $10.75

r80 and r100 gs 1988  up
Part #  1070  $10.75

Front wheel bearings for para and 
mono lever models.  Also fits K bike 
fronts through 1996.  

Part # 1115      $18.50 

If you are doing a pushrod seal job or something else that require removing 
the early piston pin clips I'd recommend you buy a spare or two.  These things fly!Because of this tendency I've stocked 
some as a convenience.  

Part #  0965    1.00


Transmission cover gaskets
Part # 1946 4 spd trans.  $5.50
Part # 1947 5 spd trans.  $5.50


I inspect and reuse the later, larger ones if they 
look ok.
I think they got bigger in Sept 1975
Part # 1951 smaller/early flywheel bolt $4.25@

temp out of smaller bolt!

Part # 1952 larger/later flywheel bolt   $3.99@

temp out of all flywheel bolts!

Transmission Neutral Switch #1922

For 5 spds.  $45.00

compare at BMW $54.00

The next grouping of tools have to do with the electrical system, both charging and ignition.


We're fortunate that NGK has stepped in and are making plugs for our airheads, after Bosch crapped out!!

The BP6ES and will work in the,  R60, R75 /5-6-7,  
R80, R80G/S, R90/6, R100/7 other r100's,
The BP7ES will work in the R50, r65's, , R100S and 
R100RS 76-80 R100.
My experience is the later r100's aren't too fussy with 
plugs.  $4.25  

I've had numerous requests for plug wires.  These 
are nice silicone jacketed wires with Beru resister 
caps.  For $20 -$30 less than BMW gets.

Same price for 1k ohm and 5k ohm sets.  Generally 
it's 1k ohm for points bikes and 5k ohm for electronic 
ignition bikes.

Beru has ceased making the 5 k ohm caps so they will be coming with the black NGK caps.

Alternator brushes need to be replaced usually 
around 80,000.  You can measure them to keep 
ahead of things.
Part #  1820  $6.50 for pair

Also have the Bosch Starter tuneup kit, bushings, brushes and springs 

 #1822  $20.00

Link to article on alternator brushes and replacement.


Heat sink paste  single application.
Every 10 years or so you need to renew the paste
behind the ignition module of you electronic ignition airhead.  If the bike quits when hot and 
then starts again after cooling this could be the 
issue.  $1.75@

When it comes to the charging system 
problem diagnosis, check these two first. It's 
most often one or other.  Long trips I carry a 
spare of each.
Replacement Alternator Rotor, all years
New, not rebuilt   $125.00

Electronic regulator  $25.00

Bosch coils, the real thing!  Replace those aging or cracked 
units.  Need two.  $90.00 each.   Note, these are slightly fatter now!

Larger brakets for coil.  $15.00 for a pair.  

If your bike has points you should be running a points 
booster!  They only use the points as a trigger, this means there are only 1/10 of a amp of voltage going though your points instead of the whole charge from 
your coil.  This means no pitted points and points can last 3-4 times the usual.  That and if there is a issue rearrange the wires and you are back to normal. The only real wear item is the rubbing block so you should 
make a effort to check it and keep it lubed.   A great system!     $100.00


Dynatek electronic ignition

I'm a fan of points myself.  But lots of folks 
like electronic ingitions.  Also if you have a 
bent  cam tip or a bad points plate replacing 
the points with a Dyna may be the best and 
or cheapest option, easy to install.   


Enduralast chargingsystem

•Also available for BMW 1970-76 w/105mm stator frame

$499.00 plus shipping of $25.00. SPO with same day drop 

Valeo starter 8 tooth for /5's  Replace the heavy,underpowered Bosch starter.  
These will turn over your old airhead much faster 
issues are a thing of the past.  
24 month warranty
$280.00 +$20.00 ship9 tooth valeo $220.00 + $20

Starter relay by Bosch For model years

R60, R75, R80, R100 1976-1984


Oil pressure switches

For slash5, no gasket needed, on left  
#1821  $12.50

All other airheads, oilheads and K bikes
# 1822  $12.50

Heavy Duty diode board, replaces Bosch, runs much cooler and more efficent.  $90.00


Your advance springs can become worn, heat damaged etc.  Easy to replace.

Part # 1811 For most airheads from 1969-1978 except as noted below.

$25.50 for two

Part #1812  For /6 and /7 and R90S with advance marked 012  $23 for two

Solid diode board mounts
The original rubber mounts are known to degrade and let go which can allow wrecking the board.  These also 
guarantee superior grounding!   For your r90s or r100.  Slash 5 and 6 except  for the 90s and 78-87 r65 and 80 already have solid mounts!
$22.00 for a set of four.

E-Z pull throttle springs for your bing carbs.  Approx. 
30% lighter pull makes a nice change for your wrist.
3 models available
606  Later 32 mm, with  3 digit number
908   Early 32 mm bing with 2 digit number
312   Bing 40 mm
Good time to clean up, grease and adjust your throttle also.
$15.00 a pair

R80g/s and r100gs shift lever.These bikes could use some more room between the footpeg and shift lever to prevent unwanted shifting.  Not to mention the roller actions seems to work nice. Includes stainless steel mounting hardware. The shifter is mounted in the first hole in front of the present rubber shift lever and requires that you remove the old lever by cutting..  Includes complete easy to understand instructions.  $30.00  


Real Magura Rubber grips for you /5 or other 
airheads.  These were always a favorite of 

Part # 1700

$32.00 for the pair


# Have two pairs, sale price is $30 for a pair.

Modern compound brake pads for ATE disks

$48.00 for two pads  Part # 2012

Replacement Round footpeg rubbers for your 
/5 and others.
Part #  1720            $12.50  each

These are drivers replacement footrest for /7 
era dual shock bikes, including r65.
Upper rubber is for /7 up to Sept 1980 
Part # 1721   $24.00 @
Sept. 1980 and later
Part # 1722  $12.50 @

New rubbers for your shift lever!
Part #  1725  4 speed  (gray)   $3.50
Part #  1726  5 speed      $4.00 temp out!

11 rib fork boots  #1730    $25.00 each
13 rib fork boots  #1740    $32.00  each

30% off until gone!

Euro low bars
this bar was optional on the /5.  Nice bars, I 
have a set on my SWB /5.  650 mm long

Made by Fehling.  
 temp out!!
I can also special order S bars if that's what 
you like. 


Siebenrock Reproduction seats by special order.Siebenrock has a number of seats, cover and pans available.  Great source if you want a solo seat on your g/s or gs. Or want to start over on your slash 5.  email for prices.