This is a new website, a bit slimmer than the old one. The old one was with Yahoo and they failed miserably, horrible, horrible service when I needed it.  Hope this works and let me know if you have issues or questions.  Info on Home page on ordering but basically just email me a list of what you want and I'll get back to with a total with shipping.

My email is  My business is located in Madison WI

Northwoods Airheads original and most popular tool.  This exhaust wrench fits all airheads from 1969-95.   It fits the early large finned nuts and the later smaller nuts.  Will also fit /2's with finned nuts.  Lazer cut from 3/8" steel and zinc plated.  NOTE!  Fins and wrench are radial pattern, to engage fins, wrench is held in front of nut and moved back into fins.  Won't engage any other way!


Points adjust tool.  This tool temporarily takes the place of the advance mechanism so it's out of the way making it easy to get at the points.  It also is the same diameter as the high point on the advance  cam  so you don't have to try and find the hard to see high spot.  Makes setting points almost easy and fun!  

Does not work for airheads with points in the can setups!

$29.00  Includes instructions.

Also have a version of this tool for /2's, same price.

Rotor removal bolt.  this tool should be in all airhead tool kits.  Rotor is one of those things that fails without warning!  Made from same grade 8 bolt as BMW's tool.

$9.00 Includes instructions.

You can also specify a 100mm version that will work in /2's

Torque wrench adapter for driveshaft bolts.  This adapter will let you use your torque wrench to properly torque those 12 pt driveshaft bolts.  
Fit's 3/8" drive torque wrench.  BMW tool is over $40.00!

I reuse driveshaft bolts unless they are obviously bad.  26 ft lbs of torque doesn't deform them, at least none that I've ever seen.   $17.50  includes instructions


Swingarm Socket, On most airheads you can't get at the swingarm pivot lock nut with a standard 27mm socket.  It's outside diameter is too large.  This one has been turned down and faced to fit better on that thin nut.  


Carb sync adapters.  This allow you to use the very accurate plug shorting method for carb syncing.  Probably even more valuable are the included instructions.  I've been told they may be the nicest instructions out there.

$11.00  These have been $10 for 13 years so I guess a doller price increase isn't outrageous.

Flywheel bar, this keeps the flywheel from turning when removing etc.  It will also index the flywheel if you leave it mounted and it goes back into the same place


Clutch adjust tool. Has built in gauges and wrench to properly adjust clutch. Includes instructions.  $17.50

Steering bearing race remover #1.  Tool removes the difficult to get at races in the steering head.  Includes instructions.


This puller removes the lower race on the steering column. #2 Includes instructions.


If purchased with #1 total is $88.00 for both.

Main Seal installer.  Installs main seal easily and evenly.  Tool has adjustable stops for proper depth. Includes instructions.  Remember to block your crank!


Guide ring puller.  Your 81-95 has a guide ring on the back of the clutch carrier/flywheel.  It needs to be removed to replace mainseal and it has a oring that needs replacing also.  Includes instructions.  $22.00

Clutch alignment tool.  Aligns clutch parts for easy assembly.  Short end is for early airheads, long end works for later bikes with the clutch carrier instead of flywheel. You'll figure it out.   $29.00

Clutch release and removal bolts.  If you can't source a set locally I stock them.  $8.00

Swingarm bearing race puller.  Pulls the difficult to get at swingarm races. Also pulls the seals if you cut the rubber out.  Includes instructions/


32 and 36 mm faced sockets for fork tube caps and center steering nuts on some airheads.  1/2" drive. Also fits spring retainer nuts on /6 and some later airheads.  Measure your nuts!

32mm $20.00

36mm $24.00


Nice article on spline lubes

Spline lube a mix of a very sticky red grease and honda moly.  Enough for at least 2-3 lubes.  You  don't use much!  $4.50

Oil Breather Puller. This will pull the old style breather and you can replace with the new reed version.  Includes instructions  $29.00 

Can be pulled with slide hammer if you have one

Small aluminum ring to adjust later model gs's and others steering bearings using a torque wrench. Includes BMW's instructions  


This is the tool to remove and tighten connection rod bolts. If it can be sourced locally, likely cheaper.  I keep a few around if you can find one.  BMW version is $35+  $17.50

This is to help adjust and remove wheel bearings in /2, /5 and /6 I think.  They match up with the BMW versions and are in 54 or 44 mm versions.  Two 54's is common. Lots of info on doing this around the web, just search! $8.00 either size.  

Blocking the crank is a must do if removing flywheel etc!!


This is a small nylon bolt that fits in the rotor bolt allen slot.  When you put the generator cover 
put back on and snug it up, it will keep the crank pushed back.  
  Like many of my tools this is a 
convenience to save you time and headscratching


Output flange tool, this will secure the output flange so you 
can remove the nut.  Then it will help remove the flange from 
it's taper.  Includes instructions.  $80.00


I've one of those Harbor Freight tire changers.  Works 
OK and is usually a big help but fails miserably at not 
marring rims and won't hold the rims for my R100gs at 
all.  So I came up with these blocks to hold the rims 
more securely and without scratching.   These are 
made from recycled deck material.  Seemed like a 
perfect material and a good way to recycle the cutoffs.
Sold in sets of 3.


Yeah, T-shirts! I wanted one and happen to have a friend in the screen printing business.  So if you want one, they are here.  Printed on Gildan 5000, 5.4 oz. 100% cotton tee.  

All gone!